Sinthan Top emerges as winter wonderland.

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Sinthan Top emerges as winter wonderland amidst dry spell in Kashmir

Sinthan Top emerges as winter wonderland amidst dry spell in Kashmir While other tourist spots in the Valley lack snow, Sinthan Top in South Kashmir emerges as a hidden gem, serving as the sole tourist spot with a snowy landscape and drawing tourists from across the country.
Situated at an altitude of approximately 12,500 feet, Sinthan Top serves as a vital link connecting Anantnag in South Kashmir to Kishtwar in the Jammu region via Kokernag. Tourists, disheartened by the lack of snow-covered mountains in well-known destinations during this time of the year, are finding solace in Sinthan Top, transforming it into a sought-after winter wonderland.
The current dry winter spell, described as the worst in the last two decades, has left popular tourist spots barren, prompting a redirection of snow-loving tourists towards Sinthan Top. Tourist operators, facing potential cancellations, have embraced the newfound attraction.

Tourists enjoying with snow at Sinthan Top on Anantnag Kishtwar border.

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Deepak, a tourist from Delhi, expressed his joy. “There is no snow elsewhere in Kashmir in January, but my heart filled with joy when I reached here. The weather is very good,” he said.
Tourists from Bangalore echoed a similar sentiment: “This is a very nice place. I am here with my family, and we became very happy when we arrived. We are enjoying it very much,” he said.
Tourists from Rajasthan and Gujarat shared their decision to change plans upon learning about the snow at Sinthan Top. “Except for this place, there is no snow anywhere in the whole of Kashmir. We had plans to visit Aru and Betab Valleys, but when we learned that there was snowfall at Sinthan Top, we changed our plans. We are enjoying it so much here and are happy that we changed our plan,” they said.
Local travel agents are now advising tourists to include Sinthan Top in their itineraries. “The tour operators are providing options for the tourists to change their itinerary and go to places like Sinthan Top to see snow. Many tourists are opting to go to Sinthan Top rather than other places in Pahalgam because of the snow there,” a travel operator said.

Sinthan Top emerges as winter Tourist Place

The absence of snowfall has taken a toll on the tourism industry in the Valley, with bookings plummeting by 75-80% in January. Tourists, traditionally drawn to snow-covered destinations like Gulmarg, are now contemplating delaying their visits until February or March, causing concerns among hotel owners who are uncertain about the prospects of snowfall.

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