About us

We live in world today where importance of news is akin to food. Just like food which is vital for the proper functioning of human body, news is vital for the smooth functioning of this modern body of world. A simple delay or a modest glitch in the dissemination of important information today can cause this modern world to tumble upside down. Many media houses today are busy in this task of providing authentic information but in this world of marketing many tend to get influenced by the modern marketing tactics and hence indulge in disseminating irrelevant and biased news. And just like bad and junk food we know what can be the repercussions of junked and biased news.
It is after keeping this thing in mind that we have created this online news portal www.jkupdate.in to keep you updated with the genuine and unbiased news. Providing you update that really matter to us, opinions that are supported with facts and ideas that are highly radioactive is our aim. We are sure that with your unflinching support our method of providing news shall reach greater heights. Covering spectrum of topics ranging from political to economic, current to historical and from technology to lifestyle related this website will outsource all useful snippets of information onto your glass-screens. Though our articles and write-ups shall cover national and international topics as well but our prime motive is to cover news related to the newly created Union Territory of India, Jammu & Kashmir and bring revolution in the process news in being disseminated here in this landscape.
It is a well-known fact that Jammu & Kashmir is a Union Territory of India where politics has played more important role than development since ages. It is a place where word J in the name J&K is just semantic and major decisions are taken in the name of Kashmir. Jammu has always been ignored owing to its people’s support to nationalistic ideology since time immemorial. Kashmir which is an integral part of India has always remained focal point of politics. Our aim is to restore the prestige of Jammu on the lines of Kashmir and to take this virgin UT to greater heights in all aspects because we believe that only balanced diet and nutritious food can develop a sound body and Jammu and Kashmir are parts of one single body.